Lucky gastronomy: lucky dishes in casinos around the world

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Beyond the bright lights and slot machines that fill the halls, casinos around the world also offer another form of magic: gourmet dishes believed to bring good luck. Just as online players log in to the National Casino in the hope of finding luck and perhaps have some superstitious gesture or phrase, so in casino restaurants, certain foods promise to increase the chances of victory for those who are about to test their luck.

Fortune dim sum: Macao

In Macau, the former Portuguese colony now a gambling mecca in Asia, gamblers often delight in “lucky dim sum” before venturing into the gaming halls. It is said that eating these small morsels, prepared with ingredients that symbolize prosperity and luck, such as shrimp (for longevity) and lotus (for purification), can attract good luck. This tradition is rooted in the profound Chinese culture which sees food not only as nourishment, but as a vehicle of positive energy and prosperity.

The Las Vegas steak: the energy of the winners

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In Las Vegas, a succulent steak is more than just a meal: it’s a preparation ritual for a night of gambling. Many poker and blackjack legends claim that a good rare steak, rich in protein and iron, can increase concentration and stamina, essential qualities for long sessions at the tables or slots. Restaurants like the famous “The Steakhouse” inside Circus Circus have witnessed countless meals consumed by players who then hoarded chips.

The lucky sushi: Tokyo

In Japan, precision and care in sushi preparation are reflected in the local gaming culture, especially in Tokyo. Before a night out at the city’s under-the-radar casinos, players often visit sushi bars where “lucky sushi” is served. Ingredients such as bluefin tuna, a symbol of strength and passion, and rice, which in Japan denotes abundance, are consumed to attract good luck. Here too, food is much more than simple sustenance: it is an edible amulet.

The Orecchiette of Fortune: Sanremo

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In the heart of the Riviera dei Fiori, the Sanremo Casino in Italy offers its visitors not only games of chance but also a special dish: the orecchiette of fortune. This pasta, whose shape resembles small bowls ready to collect joy and earnings, is often seasoned with green basil sauce, which symbolizes money. It is said that eating this dish before playing leads to wiser decisions and, perhaps, more generous winnings.

Conclusion: between superstition and tradition

Every lucky dish in casinos around the world is a unique mix of culture, superstition and a pinch of hope. Whether you believe in their power or not, these meals add an extra layer of intrigue and pleasure to the casino experience, reminding us that gambling has always been a dance between fate and luck, where food can also play a role no small feat in defining the outcome of an evening. In the world of casinos, every detail, even culinary, is designed to seduce and, perhaps, to bring that touch of luck that everyone is looking for.

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